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Welcome to Explorandino, the certified tour operator for the Inca Trail, Cusco, and Machu Picchu! We are thrilled to be your go-to adventure partner for exploring the wonders of Peru.At Explorandino, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing exceptional service and creating unique and unforgettable experiences for our clients. Whether you’re a family with young children or a group of friends seeking an adventure, we will tailor each package and tour to meet your individual needs.

We are passionate about sustainability and responsible tourism, and strive to improve the lives of our team and their families through fair wages and services. We welcome all to come and explore Peru with us and experience the rich traditions of the Incas. Your next adventure awaits with Explorandino, your home away from home.

Visit the most attractive places and amazing landscapes

Unveil Peru’s captivating allure as you traverse its breathtaking landscapes and encounter mesmerizing destinations.

From the awe-inspiring Andes to the lush Amazon rainforest, an abundance of natural wonders awaits your exploration. No trip to Peru is truly fulfilled without immersing yourself in the history of Cusco and the ancient marvels of Machu Picchu.

  • Inca Trail
  • Salkantay trekking
  • Sacred Valley
  • Cusco

Explore Peruvian culture

Best treks of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Explore this curated collection of expert-recommended journeys that we enthusiastically endorse.

Premier destinations

A multitude of destinations, opportunities, and thrilling escapades

The finest hiking routes along the Inca Trail leading to the majestic Machu Picchu

Cast your eyes upon this carefully curated assortment of excursions that our experts endorse.

Explorandino: an alternative perspective on sustainable and dedicated travel

The methodology we employ to gather information about the finest trails and scenic spots necessitates a tremendous commitment from our entire team.

Our utmost desire is for your journey to be an enchanting experience, allowing you to revel in each destination’s breathtaking valleys and majestic mountains found in Cusco.

Throughout your adventure, Explorandino Cusco will be by your side, attending to every detail and ensuring your safety and comfort during transportation and accommodations, be it in cozy rooms or spacious tents.

Each destination presents a fresh opportunity for discovery, with local communities eagerly extending warm welcomes and eagerly sharing their culture, traditions, and daily way of life.

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Explorandino: an alternative perspective on sustainable and dedicated travel

Activities & Themes

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What our clients say on Tripadvisor

Sarah K

Trek with the Local Pros!

An incredible experience! Our guide Christian is a local expert and we were in good hands the entire trek. I enjoyed learning history from Christian and he knows so much about the land and how people use natural remedies for ...


Ausengate 7 Lagunas

Our guides were so friendly and were very patient when teaching us Quechua words. They brought a lunch for us that was absolutely delicious and very filling. They were also so attentive to food restrictions and allergies. Would recommend to friends

Vincent S


I was originally scheduled for the Inca trail hike but ended up doing the sacred valley and Machu Pichu tours due to some last minute schedule issues. The tour operator was very accommodating in setting me up with hotels, train tickets and entry passes. Guides were knowledgeable and they...


Our Certifications

For our team it is important to offer our travelers the guarantee and security of a certified agency, here are some of our certifications.

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